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The Central America Health Sciences University, Belize Medical College Basic Science and Clinical Medicine curriculum provides a high quality medical education which encourages students to take active responsibility for their learning process and to prepare them for life-long, self-directed learning.

The Basic Science program is five terms in length and may be completed in twenty months. The Clinical Medicine program is composed of 88 weeks of clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals in the United States of America, Belize and Mexico.
Basic Sciences Curriculum:
The Basic Medical Science curriculum:
Offers an in-depth program of the basic medical sciences.
Presents the range of problems encountered by doctors and the range of solutions that have been developed for their recognition, investigation, prevention and treatment.
Covers the principles of disease, therapy, ethical and legal issues relevant to the practice of medicine.
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Clinical Sciences Curriculum:
The Clinical Medical Sciences curriculum:
Presents the opportunity to record a history, perform a physical examination and interpret the findings.
Teaches the students to act independently correlating the clinical relevance to the basic sciences.
Gives access to areas of medical practice students may be interested in while pursuing their career.
On successful completion of the whole curriculum and satisfactorily meeting all the other requirements, students will be conferred with a MD degree.
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